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Biofixation of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) by Microalgae
Coopera/ 3 de Maig de 2012

Biofixation of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) by Microalgae (11 IS 81ET 3LLJ)

An Icelandic SME, has developed a low cost energy efficient LED (Light Emitting Diode) based photobioreactor (PBR) system suitable for biofixation of carbon dioxide (CO2) by microalgae. The patent pending PBR system is scalable, easy to install and can use either sunlight or artificial LED lighting for 24hr continuous operation. The company seeks partners interested in commercial/technical collaboration and licensing agreement.

Country: Iceland Date: 30.04.2012

The increase in the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide is considered to be one of the main causes of global warming. Microalgae can contribute to the reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide by using CO2 as carbon source. The process is known as biofixation of carbon dioxide, as the fixation is done by biological and not synthetic means. Biofixation of CO2 by microalgae, such as the utilization of flue gases from power plants is possible using the LED based PBR system. Generation of byproducts is also possible.

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