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Nanodiamond powder applications
Coopera/ 7 de Desembre de 2012

Nanodiamond powder applications (11 IL 80EP 3NMN)

An Israeli company developed original competitive technology for nanodiamond synthesis and introducing diamond nanoparticles within various media. The company is seeking industrial partners for collaboration in R&D projects in the field of nanodiamond applications aimed at the commercialization of its technology and products.
Country: Israel Date: 02/12/2012 

Three-dimensional cubic lattice of tetrahedral bonded carbon atoms determine unique properties of diamond:
(a) Extreme mechanical hardness and wear resistance 
(b) Highest thermal conductivity 
(c) Very good electrical insulation 
(d) Outstanding optical properties 
(e) Highest sound propagation 
(f) Chemical and radiation resistance
(g) Biological compatibility and non-cytotoxity


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