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Smart Underwear
Coopera/ 13 de Desembre de 2012

Smart Underwear (12 GB 44O6 3R0A)

A London University has developed a smart underwear system aimed at the incontinence market. The unique system features an integral sensor that allows the garment to be worn and washed normally and a signaling unit that discreetly vibrates upon leakage of liquid as an early warning system. The University is looking to license the technology to those manufacturing products for this market or for caring institutions to detect leakage via addition of a transmitter.

Country: United Kingdom  Date: 05/12/2012 

Millions of women use absorbent products to discreetly and successfully manage their continence needs. However, many women worry that the product might leak wetness into clothes and furnishings, causing hygiene problems and more importantly, embarrassment. The underwear detailed here is the only technology available to warn continence pad users that their pad has begun to leak.


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