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Technologies to Protect and/or Repair Protein Fibers
Coopera/ 12 de Març de 2012

Technologies to Protect and/or Repair Protein Fibers (12 LU 87GA 3O4K)

A large US company is looking for proposals for technology that will protect and/or repair protein fibers and ultimately promote healthy hair.
They are interested in licensing, product acquisition, contract development, proof of concept leading to scale up to manufacturing, joint development, supplier agreement.


Country: Luxembourg Date: 09.03.2012

Protein fibers are widely produced by nature, examples include silk, wool, and human hair. Surface treatments/modifications are constantly being developed to endow specific properties to these fibers. Such characteristics might include wrinkle resistance, self-cleaning/soil resistance tendencies, and improved strength or appearance.
The client seeks to identify and develop technologies that can be successfully transformed into consumer devices to promote a head of hair that is full, lush and resilient.

Approaches from other industries that treat protein fibers to improve handling, resiliency and appearance are of great interest.

Approaches to repair damaged hair, to help hair maintain styling effects, to produce hair that is thick, shiny and bouncy are also of interest provided they can ultimately be delivered through an appliance suitable for consumer use in the home.

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