What is Cerdanyola Oberta?

From the Employment, Business and Economic Promotion Municipal Service of Cerdanyola del Vallès we offer Cerdanyola Oberta. A new virtual network of business cooperation and networking to exchange knowledge and needs to drive economic growth in our City. Cerdanyola Oberta is based on open technologies and Web 2.0 tools. enabling interactivity and active participation of its users.

Cerdanyola Oberta is a virtual space where you will find the new service @Can Serraparera, tools, resources, services, interactive content and high added value and at no cost. Cerdanyola Oberta is addressed to all operators of the territory, institutions, universities, businesses (large or SMEs), entrepreneurs, associations, citizens and government. Cooperation is a clear and strategic key for business and technologic development in Cerdanyola del Vallès.

Reasons to be there?

Through Cerdanyola Oberta you will access a virtual space where with no cost you will be able to:

  • Increase your chances of generating business.
  • Search for suppliers, distributors, customers, partners, investors from the municipality.
  • Advertise your company and your products / services.
  • Manage your events.
  • Access to a marketplace where you can consult cooperation offers and demands of the municipality and upload your own.
  • Get in contact with other companies and entrepreneurs thus expanding your networking network.
  • Increase your business opportunities.
  • Exchange views, knowledge and experiences and generate content.
  • Contact other companies in town that you didn't know and know what they do.
  • Be informed of the latest trends in cooperation, innovation, entrepreneurship, talent and online courses. How does it work? How can you draw more out?

Register as a user and explore the different areas and the range of services that Cerdanyola Oberta offers.

We have developed this presentation to help you.



The Employment, Business and Economic Promotion Municipal Service of Cerdanyola, with the spirit and the will to improve, incorporate and promote the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in our town, has created Cerdanyola Oberta. A place where you can access our in-person services, equipped with digital tools to promote knowledge transfer and optimise the existing resources in the territory.

The incorporation of ICT in our work should allow us to improve our efficiency and offer the following online services :

• Communication between users and local authorities via e-mail, Internet or phone.

• Check supply and demand of jobs (Tele-interview and videoconferencing).

• Opportunities for commercial business cooperation.

• Supply and demand for technology partners for R+D+I

With Cerdanyola Oberta we provide companies, entrepreneurs and Cerdanyola citizens a new digital tool that contributes to the revitalization and economic growth of our city.

 * The Employment, Business and Economic Promotion Municipal Service of Cerdanyola del Vallès acts as an authorised placement agency with number 0900000076, in coordination and collaboration with the Employment Service of Catalonia. Our opening hours are from 8am to 18pm Monday to Friday.


* Cerdanyola Oberta, action framed in Axis 1: territory of the Province of Barcelona in the 2007-2013 ERDF (European Regional Development Fund)  financial aid applications, aimed at local authorities in this region.

In 2014 Cerdanyola Oberta has been chosen as exemplary project of the European Regional Development Fund - FEDER- the Barcelona Provincial Council and the General Directorate of Government Administration, in the chapter called The business services.