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Personal space:

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Commerces and Services Space


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  • Take part in the ecological market

Commerces and Services Space

  • Are you looking for premises?
  • Do you want to transfer, sell or let your premises?
  • Consult aids and subsidies
  • Tools and resources available to you

Undertake Space


  • Thinking of running a business? We analise the feasability of your business
  • Reempresa, another way to undertake
  • Do you want to establish your firm telematically?
  • Grants, financing & business training

Talent Space

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  • Do you intend to carry out a personnel selection procedure?
  • Do you need expert advice on human resource management?
  • Consult the hiring programmes we have available

Training Space

  • Ask us for a virtual classroom to run your course
  • Consult the available occupational and / or continuous training courses.
  • Consult our available training and work programmes
  • Get the ACTIC accreditation certificate




El Consorci de Comerç, Artesania i Moda ha posat en marxa Taulellcomerç.cat, una plataforma d’iniciatives innovadores per reactivar el comerç local. Aquesta iniciativa neix amb la voluntat de ser l’altaveu de les entitats i associacions de comerç, donant visibilitat a les seves diferents iniciatives de dinamització.