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Undertake Space


  • We analise the feasability of your business
  • Come to our incubator & co-working space
  • Do you want to establish your firm telematically?
  • Business training & new technologies applied to business

Undertake Space

  • Are you a young firm? Do you need technical advice, consultancy?
  • Reempresa, another way to undertake
  • Report about grants, subsidies, financing & business training
  • Advise on legal forms, taxes, transactions

Talent Space

  • Advertise a job vacancy for free
  • Thinking of doing a personnel selection?
  • Do you need expert advice on human resource management?
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Training Space

  • Ask us for a virtual classroom to run your course
  • Consult the available occupational and / or continuous training courses.
  • Consult our available training and work programmes
  • Get the ACTIC accreditation certificate

Innovate Space

  • Cerdanyola, city of Science, Innovation & Technology
  • Share your entrepreneurial experiences with the community
  • Would you like to advertise your patent, brand?. Contact us
  • Create your innovative group


Programa intermunicipal Centre Local de Serveis a les Empreses 

Vine el proper dilluns 12 de desembre a la taula rodona que organitza el Parc de Recerca UAB amb fons d'inversió catalans! 

Tindràs l'oportunitat de conèixer de primera mà alguns dels principals fons d'inversió de l'ecosistema català. En un ambient distès, explicaran les condicions que ofereixen i aprendràs com plantejar i negociar una operació amb un fons.